Mohd. Tariq Khan
Director, Lucknow Film Club

Director’s Note

Lucknow, a historic city in north India, has an enduring, rich and deep-rooted cultural heritage with a modern sensibility. It has a long and widely acclaimed tradition of nurturing and enriching a galaxy of creative talent in many spheres.
This cultural richness has created a broad stage for us to have purposive discussions and brainstorming sessions with like-minded people from different fields of art, culture, literature, academia and others. Thus inspired, the Lucknow Film Club is now providing a vast dynamic platform to showcase a wide range of talents.The Club also intends to share its pursuits by encouraging individuals, groups and other organizations sharing the same interest.One of our primary objectives is to create a repertoire of both existing and vanishing arts and crafts of Lucknow and elsewhere.Lucknow Film Club (LFC) aims to produce a range of compelling short films and documentaries and act as a catalytic medium by providing an open space for those who are willing to share their creative talent and aspirations.


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  • Looking to showcase your work
  • Looking out for support to promote your craft
  • Looking for volunteering opportunities in Creative Projects
  • WIlling to contribute to promote and nurture Talent
  • Wish to help in Mentoring the young artistes

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