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युवा कलाकारों को तकनीकी ज्ञान और रोजगार देता लखनऊ फिल्म क्लब | Lucknow Film Club

जब तक छोटे शहरों के युवाओं को उचित मंच नहीं मिलेगा तब तक सिनेमा का असली मकसद पूरा नहीं होगा . इसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए लखनऊ फिल्म क्लब की स्थापना 5 साल पहले हुई थी.बदले हुए परिवेश में इस क्लब का महत्व और भी बढ़ गया है न केवल युवाओं को तकनीकी ज्ञान […]

Moview Review: Life Lessons from Guide

Poster of Hindi Film - Guide

Dr. Anand Akhila, a member of Lucknow Film Club, created this review video on the famous Dev Anand Starrer Hindi film – Guide. In this video, he shares interesting anecdotes about the maknig of the film, an English version of the film, and a number of lessons one might learn from this all time favourite […]

Film City in Uttar Pradesh

A news report in Dainik Jagran about film city in Uttar Pradesh

According to a news report from India Today, India’s biggest film city is coming up in Gautam Buddha nagar in Uttar Pradesh. Last week, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh approved this prestigious project. Uttar Pradesh’s Film city will be spread over approximately 1000 acres near Yamuna Expressway. The project is said to move at such […]

Welcome to Lucknow Film Club

Lucknow, a historic city in north India, has an enduring, rich and deep-rooted cultural heritage with a modern sensibility. It has a long and widely acclaimed tradition of nurturing and enriching a galaxy of creative talent in many spheres Lucknow Film Club is formed by a group of Filmmakers, Theatre Actors, Producers, Directors and many […]